Knowing your needs up front

As mentioned before, no two shipments are identical.  When placing orders please consider the nature of your contents and plan accordingly.  If you have special packaging requirments it must be made prior to order placement.  This will allow us to accuratly and safely pack your goods.


  Items to consider:

Shipping address?

Are there any special shipping requirements?

Arrival date and lead times? 

Is your order crossing any borders?


Shipping and Tracking

Once the order has been packaged and is ready to ship we will endevour to inform you of this.  Tracking codes can be requested at any time during the shipment of your goods.  It's important that everyone is well informed during this process. 


Items to consider:

Does the property have a loading bay?

Will the delivery truck need a lift gate?

Is there a pallet jack or dolly onsite for easy transport?

Where will the goods be stored?

Will other shipments be arriving on the same date?




Once the goods are shipped it's important to have the appropriate staff and storage space available upon delivery.  We also encourage that you have the appropriate dolly, pallet jacks and ramps needed to safely transport your goods from the delivery vehicle. 


Items to consider:

Do we have the correct mailing address with onsite contact name and number?

Do we have enough staff to take the delivery?

Is the storage prepared and clean?

Is the storage temperture controlled? 

Temperature needs to be between 7 and 21 degree celsius. 



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