Professional Prints

Using the latest in printing technology and paper, we achieve the highest of print quality. From archival inks to museum quality paper, we ensure that your artwork is flawless in its production. 

Canvas Prints

This form of printing is rapidly becoming a favourite amoung our elite designers.  Due to the unique texture and stretching options, this process is a great hybrid, bridging the gap between paper and hand painted. It also stands alone without framing, making it a cost-effective option at larger sizes.

At HFA, we proudly manufacture everything in Canada. 


From residential to commerical projects, we specialize in mirror production. The key is to use only the finest of aluminum treatments with the appropriate mirror thickness to ensure the quality, safety, and budgets are acheived for your project.

Hand Painted

Yes, we also supply hand painted oils or acrylics on canvas. These are some of our most versatile offerings, owing to their custom colours, sizes, and content. Don't forget to consider hand painted for your guest rooms as well - we can design a price point to fit almost any budget.

Acrylic Prints

Falling into a new category of 'rigid substrates', printing on acrylic has become very popular. By applying the transmount print to the back, we can achieve multiple goals from back lighting to floating images. Durability also makes acrylics an attractive option.

Resin Box

This is yet another new form of artwork, where we mount the image to a boarded box. Once mounted, we apply multiple layers of protective resin to seal the image. This creates a stunning clear coat finish that is not only beautiful, but strong and durable. 

Aluminum Prints

This is another rigid substrate where we print directly onto the aluminum or apply a transmount film. By using a 3-layer Dibond material, the final product is not only durable, but relatively light for easy transportation and installation. This is a great product for high traffic areas or that space where a 'WOW' factor is needed.

Print on Sintra

One of the most durable materials, sintra is an ideal substrate when a bright and dramatic effect is needed. This material comes in many widths and is great for commerical and hospitality use. Like the other rigid substrates, it is durable yet

cost-effective to meet most budgets.  

Print on Wood

Printing on wood is becoming a quick favourite among designers. By not printing white, we expose the wood's grain, giving the piece a natural feel.  This is another durable substrate that can go anywhere from mantels to high traffic hotel lobbies.

Wall murals are a great way to create a dynamic effect. The benefit of wall murals is the size and scope of their application. No wall is too big for us to design and cover. With a lower cost per foot, this is one of the most cost-effective artwork applications for large spaces.

Sublimated Prints

This specialized print and heat press process yields superior image quality, and incredibly durable prints on Metal, Wood and Fabric. Images are printed on a transfer paper, and we use a pneumatic heat press that turns the inks from liquid to gas then infuses them into the substrate material. The result is a beautiful image that is highly resistant to scratching, moisture and chemical cleaning products.

Colour Boards

Another aspect to our business are colour boards.  We are one of Canada's largest manufacturers of colour boards; producing them for commercial project, hotels, multi-use residential and office projects. 



Acoustic Panels are the perfect sound absorbing solution. Functional art to reduce echoes and unwanted background noise from open concept spaces such as restaurants, hospitality or general purpose rooms. This custom fabricated panel features three sound absorbing components; industry preferred pyramid foam, a 1/4" sound deadening zone and then finished with semi-rigid insulation foam. Your choice of image is printed on premium fabric that is then hand stretched around the durable frame. 

Security Hardware and Installation Systems

Below are descriptions of our different hardware options. We recommend these because they are industry standard systems.


3-Point Security Hardware

This is one of the most common security hardware systems for commerical use because it is strong, fast, cost-effecitve, and easy to install. We pre-mount the rear brackets during assembly, eliminating half the process and saving your installers time on site - thus, saving you money.

J-Rail Security Hardware

This system is similar to the 3-point security but it uses an aluminum rail.  The benfits to this system are that it can be slightly easier to level / install, and it can also carry a larger weight load. We can use it for heavier artwork and larger mirrors. One drawback is that it is more expensive. 

Aluminum Stand-Offs

This system is very popular when it come to acrylics, aluminum, and sintra.  They achieve an incredibly polished look while providing a tamper-proof security system that is light, dependable, and easy to install. 

French Cleat

This system is great if you are looking to create a floating effect on the wall. All hardware is hidden behind the artwork, allowing the piece to stand alone without any visual exposure of the hardware. This is often used with sintra, aluminum, acrylic, and wood.

Wire Hanger

Wire hanging systems are as traditional as it gets. We generally use these for residential applications, or in cases where the installation is frequently changed.

Shipping & Packaging

When it comes to packaging no two orders are alike.  With proper communication we can offer the best solutions to ensure a safe arrival of your order. 

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